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@Fat Charlie: it's rare here to see anyone in the 60 km/hr minimum "slow lane" doing less than about 95 km/hr. I'm aiming to be at 85 km/hr. This has worked well in light traffic over the past 2 years but there have been a few blaring horns of frustration as people pass. A couple weeks ago an 18 wheeler hugged me pretty close.

This is why I want something very visible added (I'll have a mod shop add lights) but I am hoping for something that is universal. (Not English and not "miles"). Rather something that suggests "green economy".


PS: As to your "Signature block" above, Honda are quoting its best mileage for the CVT, not for their 6 speed MT (new Honda Accord's). It could be that absolute best using best technique is with the 6 speed MT but people are posting actuals with the CVT that are very good...
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