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Originally Posted by AlanTheBeast2 View Post

Economy is in top gear and that is not a 'sporty' gear ... that's what the lower 4 are for.'

It's the CVT I was referring to for comparison - not AT.
Top gear does not necessarily mean good fuel economy if that top gear is short, or if the final drive is short.

A Fit manual runs close to 4000 RPMs at highway speed in top gear. Their CVT is closer to 3000 RPMs, hence why the CVT returns better fuel economy. If both ran at the same RPM (i.e. had the "same gearing") at the same speed, the manual would win.

Plus, a manual transmission allows you to control the car's performance better, allowing for much greater hypermiling potential. Here's a test that was performed between the CVT and manual transmissions of the Nissan Micra:
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