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This new video it's weird. They (Impossible Burguer) claim that now the burguer it's even closer to real meat burguer than befor, when it was tested in sellected restaurants.
But looking to the video it's more like a recipe of a home made buruger, using the tecturized soy protein flakes all vegetarian know. Just the heme it's the new.

But texturized soy protein don't chew like meat, and Impossible Burguer it's reported to chew a bit similar to meast.

Disapointing... I imagined they used some isolated protein, since it would have more concentrated protein, but they are using texturized soy protein, which have less protein than meat and lower biologic value for protein.

In a email I sent to the company they responded me and told me it (in older version based on wheat) have the same amount of protein and essential aminoacids than real meat. I was suspicious since wheat and potate (old recipe they had) are not good sources of essential aminoacids.

I suspect this burger will taste similar, but will not have the same amount (percentage) of aminoacids than a real burguer. Unless the burgeur is thicker or larger, it will nt deliver the same amount of aminoacids as a real meat burguer.

Texturised soy protein, for other side, it's much cheaper than meat. This couldin theory, if heme it's not expensive to produce, to open door to "meat" (vegie meat) became more widely available to more people, even poor people in many countries.

But..heme it's reported by some vegans as not a true health thing, having some issued similar to red meat. Not sure if it's true. And texturized soy protein, the process of extraction, it's said to use some solvents not very good for body.

Another informative video:

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