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Solar panels are a good step. Especially if we can design them to last for 100's of years. And there is still time to do a lot to ease the transition back down to a more sustainable level of existence if we could foresee that need and choose wisely. But a totally free market will not feel signals enough to make the correct choices until it is way too late and we are caught in an energy trap. I don't believe there are enough available resources remaining for us to realistically expect to continue building 100,000,000, 2,000 kg cars with 60kWh battery packs year after year until half of the then 9,000,000,000 people in the world have a functional luxury car. For example.
And we are already caught in a debt trap where continued global growth at a higher rate than the interest on the debts is the only way to kick the can down the road.
If we were smart we would realize this and use what we have left to build out things that we really need. Clean air, water, food, and warm housing and clothing. Without using up every last drop of carbon fuels and minerals that "they" are going to need 100,000 years from now.
But the market drives almost blindly ever forward toward providing whatever will have the biggest payback over a time scale of a few years with no thought beyond that.
And a free market will never again provide equity for labor vs the owners of production (Corporate share holders) until there is a shortage of labor (never).