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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I don't know how accurate Tirerack ratings are, but I always use that as a primary criteria for choosing a tire. Averaging customer ratings in various criteria seems like it would tend to accurately portray a tire.

Here's an example chart:
We don't have a Tire Rack installer and nobody here wants to put on other people's tires. Normally I buy at Discount Tire Direct but same thing no installers, so only if I buy a wheel and tire package already mounted and balanced. This is the 2nd time I have used Tire Buyer and I like them, the Firestone car care center is the installer for them, they just ship everything directly to the shop for free. I would go to our local Tire Rama as I like them very much, but they had 2 choices for my car, neither I liked much. I really think Les Schwab is overpriced.

And as for width, no counting rolling resistance, the narrow tire will have less frontal area unless it is also much taller. My new tires will be a bit taller but that should lower the gear ratio a tiny amount. That was my reasoning on going 225/65 vs 235/60 and a $25 savings buys 500ish miles.

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