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I should mention that I will need to have a larger work area - either an addition to my garage, or possibly a fabric hut, so I have room to move around it.
I see an opportunity here. I remember the experience you had with the collapsed canopy. Was that PVC pipe? At that time I was (and still am) hoarding 100+ broom handle blanks. I used to get them in bulk from a broom manufacturer, rejects for quality. It would cost more than I paid to ship them to MA, but any wood or metal rod/pipe will serve.

In my case it would be the wooden struts with aluminum tubing cut up for hubs. Then it's just a matter of geometry (octahedral symmetry to attach to a square building, etc.) and sizing (strut length to overall size)

It will be fun!

Youtube wanted me to see this. if you have inner partitions to fabricate, or you make a quarter-scale model, there might be something here. I like the tool.


Change my, you know, the thing.


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