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Be careful with people who don't save money, who spent without rersponsability !

If you save money do not allow these people to know. Stay quiet.

There are people who not just don't save money but that also don't give value to people who save money. They are so shameless they are able to expent what they have and then come to people who save money (even if earn less than they), and request money.

I helped a girl, a physiotherapist from the clinic I was being treated, since she was going to marry and had exceed the credcard limit. What I lend to her was about 4x the penalty she was paying to the credcard company, so she could solve the problem and in 4 months pay me back. Almost 3 years after she didn't contacted me to pay me. I had to contact her and show the values and the correction due inflation.
She was not the worst kind I refer in the top of the text, and not very shameless, but this experience helped me to be more careful with people.

This girl had many Facebook posts about God, Catholic church, images of Mary, quotes about God and moral values. She once told me she was disapointed with me when she found I was a atheist.
Well... No christian friends of her in the physiothery clinic helped her with money... and her christian values didn't remambered her to pay me.

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