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I risk to say that fake meat (meat from plants protein) could became even better than real meat or lab meat. It's already more healthy, more ecologic, less expensive to produce, can feed more people (due lower price and lower land and lower water needs), and the taste is getting closer and closer to real meat. Many already have nutritional values equivalent to meat protein.

So it's a matter of time to fake meat became better in taste than real meat, since multimillion dollar companies are start to invest heavy on advanced research.
Now there are two companies focusing in create a quality yummy "veggie fish meat". And other is researching for "veggie shrimp meat".

I think it's nice... Soy protein is very cheap compared to meat, and in theory this could bring more meat (quality veggie imitations) to poor people in third world countries, since some countries had a lot of kids growing with diets poor in protein and iron.. They can add iron and vitamins to help por kids get better nutrition and result in better outcome.

Meet the Meat Machine :

This is the Shear Cell Technology I refered before, able to create plant protein fibers very close to meat. And have much better quality and it takes less energy than extrusion process used to reate standart soy protein pieces found on vegetarian dishes. And creates large pieces, instead of the limited size pieces from extrusion process

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Could actually be a really interesting thing with the meat lab. A great alternative to traditional meat.

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