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Bible it's like play dough. It can be used (modelled) to justify anything. So religion it's a brain masturbation.

If you earn much less than someone it creates some pity feeling. If you earn more they can get envy over you. Human nature... People want you to be fine, but not better than them.
In the case of save money, if you manage to save more, while a fool expent and don't save a peny, even if earns more by month than you, this can create some envy.

I see how much rightness are becaming target of angry nowadays... If media and fashion says to people get dirt behavior, imoral people get angry over people with moral values. If media tells people to expent all their money with foolishness, and some people save money and don't buy foolishness, they get angry over people who save money.

Monkeys... humans are monkeys with groops behavior... Groops fighting another groops and they just need to find differences between groops to have a reason to fight.

Hey 50K it's a quite a money...
So you did more a sort of investment, I presume.

On Brazil people don't go to jail for taxes problems or debts problems, even if proven it was with bad intention. I remamber about the old mayor of the city here years ago, and how his debt with goverment taxes was higher than his possessions state/wealth. And he was mayor more than one time.
Brazilian laws was created to help criminals... Sh....thole system...

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