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Ah, heck. I thought the reinforced driveway thing was great about guys who think everything that moves has a way to be ridden. Every beast or machine is Christmas all over again.

They reinforce MY driveway every time I leave home. Big Diesel or Little Diesel. The crushed aggregate is kept literally 20-feet away. I leave, and out rolls an ancient Mahindra tractor to set to work.

I haven’t bought a vehicle yet didn’t require set of specialized tools or gear or whatever. Hell, I finally got management to repair my 30A power so I can order a cable with a NEMA-20 end for the Pete and a typical 30A connector at the other end. Run it on shore power while at home.

So I still suspect that SOMEONES morning race to the coffee shop is bolstered by THE NEED for a CONSTANT flat-cambered downhill run to effect top speed onto the frontage road THUS a solid merge onto the highway.

Overkill for the new vehicle expected is just right (per the video). And, may as well gussie up the premises while we’re at it.

Said affectionately, every one of us here is a cartoon character. I know I wouldn’t have it any other way as I’m rolling roadblock with trailer in tow. Smile and wave back at everyone who honks or flashes headlights. Thank them, too, for letting me know I’m Number One. Etc.


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