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Just bought a "fixed" dieselgater

Started seeing them all over the place the last few months. Good to see that VW and the EPA could come to an agreement, sparing these perfectly good cars from the crusher.

I picked up an '11 Sportwagen 6 speed, 55K from a used car dealer/garage.

I've always liked TDIs and was thinking about them when dieselgate hit.

I started looking into it seriously a little more than a week ago. I found out a few things. VW is providing ridiculously good extended warranties on emissions/exhaust/fuel system/ecm/and possibly the entire damn engine itself. This is very nice to have. And if you go VW CPO, the warranty is bumper to bumper 2 year/UNLIMITED mileage.

If you ring up a lot of miles, this could be a bumper to bumper 100K mile warranty, on a used car, who's resale has taken a beating due to the bad press.

I talked to a dealer who said the CPOs are bringing about 2K more than non-CPOs.

If you are in the market and want a comfy highway cruiser and will put a lot of hiway miles on, you really should consider them. If you have an urban commute, go get a prius.

I paid 9450. I think this was a fair price. If I was willing to go with a DSG, I could have done better. But, TDIs, IMO are much better with 3 pedals.

The 6MTs are getting scarce and the dealers know it. The DSGs are all over the place. Some dealers have 10-15 DSGs and not a single manual JSW.

No mods yet, nor will there be any to the drivetrain, so long as that warranty is in effect. Once it's over, if I still have it, maybe a DPF filter/EGR delete. We'll see. It will be a while.

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