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I've had an '18 RF for a few weeks now as a rental. Here are a few observations.

I don't fit.

This was obviously designed by a 5'4" 110 lb Japanese dude. Were I such a person, I would consider it. If Mazda stretched it 3 inches in length and 2 inches width, I believe they's sell more.

If I did fit and were to buy one, I would never get the RF. The top takes for ever to go up/down. And I suspect you give up a few inches of precious seat travel. And it adds about 130 lbs, which is huge for such a light car. The ragtop goes up and down effortlessly and can be done at speed. The RF's roof mechanism will not operate above 6 mph.

Rather than the folding top, which really isn't. It is just a folding targa top, they should have done a hatchback with a removable targa top. This car should basically be a 1st gen RX-7 with a 4 cylinder.

Styling wise, they tried to follow the current sharp nosed theme. What they ended up with is a 3/4 scale 70s Stingray. I preferred the earlier generations modeled off old MGs.

It still is the absolute state of the art fast, slow car. This thing carves turns like nothing I have ever driven. Tail out slow twisties are an absolute blast.

Mileage is impressive. 37-38 mpg can be had with a healthy dose of silly driving. Any attempt at conservative driving gets it into the 40s. This is with the slushbox. Drive it like a total douchebag and you are still gonna get to 30. I think you'd have to flog it mercilessly with the e-brake dragging to drop into the 20s.

Give this thing a nice slick hatchback, stop trying to make it look like a 74 stingray front end and with a 6 speed manual and I think it could get to 50 mpg easily. Drop it down to about 1.2 liters and it would do 55-60. And it would still be fun to drive. At 2 liters, it is on the verge of being a fast car. And this is an 18. The 19 revs freer and is good for nearly 20 more hp.
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