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We pay less in federal taxes this year than last with a slightly higher income. No other changes that would effect it except the change in federal tax laws. It also was much easier to file as we just took the standard deduction where we used to have to itemize. It took literally 10 mins and was free to do on H&R block including electronic refund switch came about 5 days later. I'm very happy with the new tax law. My state on the other hand stinks. I now pay more state income tax than federal. Add in property taxes and vehicle taxes, and on a local and state level I pay probably 1.5 times more total even after adding payroll taxes to the federal side.

All in all about 20% total of my earnings go to taxes directly from me. I read here the national average is more like 24% so I guess it could be worse. I just wonder why I'm so high on the state side considering I'm probaly $4000 under the average federal income tax payment. Now add in the added cost of goods because those who supply me have to pay, and how much less I make because what employers have to pay and it gets baffling how some think we should all pay more.
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