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Originally Posted by 19bonestock88 View Post
Would a Prius handle heavy loading/steep hills very well? I donít want it to be worse than my Saturn...
The Prius' CVT revs up without requiring manual downshifting, so it will probably "feel" easier, but really 150hp in any car should be more than enough. The CVT is somewhat buzzy at higher RPMs if you use cruise control up the mountains, at least on the G2 Prius. Not sure about on the newer ones; I would surmise that it would be somewhat quieter. My 66 hp IMA-less Insight handles the WV mountains just fine; hypermiling rarely requires above 2.5k RPMs but with driving normally it'll do fine revving it up, so a more powerful Prius or Ion should do fine.

More power = lower MPG.

You could always go test drive one and see what you think of it.
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