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No, to get them not to come takes changing things in their homes so that they don't want to come. "Adequate barriers" really don't apply when you have e.g. thousands of miles of coastline, not to mention airplanes.
Why not both? You have a fair point, but that's why the qualifier is 'adequate'. It doesn't have to be impermeable, but just channel movement toward the legal points of entry. The 'big beautiful door'.
And you have to remember that this "adequate barrier" idea comes from a person who thinks that water bombers are an appropriate way of fighting a building fire, that forest fires can be prevented by raking up pine needles, or that women won't talk about having sex with you if you pay them.
No. The idea comes from his predecessor[s]. Like those cages for children.

Thanks for mentioning the building fire. I'm in awe of the 500 firefighters who ran toward that pyre.

This morning I was thinking again about subsonic drones to kill brush fires with sound. It occurred to me that the main rotors of a quadcopter could flutter at ~20-100hz and it wouldn't affect the lift, it would just require fast pitch control. Add tanks of foaming flame retardant for weight so the rotors have something to work against.
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