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I may have mentioned that I feel that I need to replace my bedroom door with a solid-core one. From what I have read, this is the best way to attenuate my brother, mother, the Hallmark Channel, and three nights a week, my brother's hearing-impaired provider.

They are quite distracting when I am trying to do schoolwork.

There are other areas of improvement, but as long as I have a cardboard door, they would make little difference.

Annoyingly, searching for "solid-core door" at Lowe's and Home Depot show everything but solid-core doors. Many are hollow. A large number have windows and other "features" that I do not want (and for which I do not want to pay). However, I looked again and found this:

$43, although they will not ship it, and they would charge $59 to deliver it. Yeah, it is annoying to transport a solid-core door in my Accord, but I did it before, and then I returned it the same way.

I just want a plain door that would better match the hollow ones, but I am sure this will be fine.

When I looked before I found zero doors, so I had been researching making my own. Today I watched several videos about making doors, but none of them were as simple as I wanted. In theory, I could screw and glue multiple pieces of plywood together to make a door, right?

So, then it showed a fake TED talk by Robert Kiosaki. It was not a real TED talk, but I thought that I would give it a chance--at double speed.

He basically summarized "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," but gave a third reason he joined the Marines (from the merchant marines). One time he said it was to lead men. Another time he said it was to see what was happening over there. This time he said he felt guilty that he was trying to make lots of money while his country was at war.

All of a sudden YouTube showed me many other of his videos. I am sure that he has great advice buried in there, but I gave him twenty minutes (okay! Ten!) and he wasted it.

By the way, it was 2016 and he said that we were about to have an economic collapse, and that each previous one had been orchestrated, because the government did not bail out the country, they bailed out the rich.
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