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Originally Posted by Vman455 View Post
I chrome-wrapped my roof at the end of last summer. The problem with red paint is that it absorbs the higher-frequency (and higher-energy) end of the visible spectrum; that's why on interstate signage, the red part always fades long before the blue does. So, if you want a color other than white or silver, something toward the blue end would probably be best.

I'm not sure how much the chrome wrap is actually doing, but if I can find someone else with a silver Prius this summer it might be fun to leave both of them in the same parking lot and monitor the interior temperatures.
Wouldn't blue absorb the red end of the spectrum (including infrared, which equals heat). I understand what you're saying about absorbing the blue end of the spectrum, I deal with UV heating of materials at my job (we use a lot of black canvas and black painted aluminum in our products. The aluminum can reach 200F under a UV light in 5 minutes.)

Maybe the infrared from the sun isn't as large a factor as all the high energy stuff though, I'm not sure (again why I want to do that test.) As it is I may end up just painting the car white myself. After all, it was $350 and already looks ugly.
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