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Israelis 3d-printed a human heart

It is only big enough for a rabbit and it will be a month before it can pump blood, but maybe in four years the best hospitals could print vital organs with the patient's own DNA.

This raises big questions, like how do we tax this? Won't people live too long? If we upgrade human systems, are they still human? If someone is 10% made in a laboratory, are they still human?

I do not see where the controversy is supposed to be. If a firefighter lost his or her legs and got prosthetics, they are still human!

Just wait until I finally get my silicon implants. All that I ask for is the functionality of a 2000 cellphone, except smaller, and in my head.

Much smaller please.

I am not sure that I need a four-function calculator, I can do most of that already, but a notepad, calendar, alarm, and snake game?! Yes please!

Of course, telephone functionality would be useful, too. Digital telepathy!

How do you regulate that in school? There was a news story about school kids broadcasting test answers to their classmates and some nonsense about cheating with $800 watches that you need to charge every night.

What happens when people can play Candy Crush in their heads--while driving?

What if they create implants that can control Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy, and other disabling and\or terminal conditions? What if you can add a chip to boost the processing power of individuals with autism, down syndrome, or the children of celebrities--or celebrities themselves?

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