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Correction, they printed a third wave feminist heart.

Ayyway it's not workable. They need to print tiny veins and capillaries. Veins need to be printed, and the finer capillareis (fine as a fine hair) could be perhaps induced by angiogenic agents.

Other technic it's about the use of cadaver's hearts, removing the dead cells, lefting a scafold of connective tissue (no cells), and this scafold could be filled, popullated, by cells of the patient who would receive this heart.

No workable complex organ was ever printed to use, just a bladder made on lab, using cells of the receptor patient, was produced and transplanted to the patience. A portion of a trachea was also created and transplanted. But blader and trachea it's so simple, just one kind of cells together creating a shape.

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