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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
I have very high quality (and expensive) ceramic and metallic heat rejecting tint on my car. I can feel very significant and Marge difference if I roll the window down versus rolling it up from the Sun on my skin. That's not science of course, but it confirms some of what testers have shown.
a while ago on the Prius I found the numbers for the oem windshield heat rejection tint and added the numbers of my 3m Crystalline to it.
Windshield: OEM + 70% 3m Crystalline = 56% VLT, 79% TSER.
Drivers Window: OEM + 40% 3m Crystalline = 25% VLT, 78% TSER.
Big difference in HVAC needed, you can feel the difference on a sunny day if you roll down the rear window in the sun and pass your hand back and forth. I can usually roll around town with very minimal HVAC use most of the time none up to about 30 minutes.
Running around town on short 10-15 minute trips with the AC set on 71 Auto with the vents screaming vs not using the hvac is the difference between 39 mpg and 55+ mpg for those short trips.

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