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It will be easier get imortal, or almost, by produzing a new bio body (clone) that would born without brain and keept by a incubator to fast grow and a electric system to keep the body alive without brain, and transplant the brain from a grow-up. And the brain would need rejuvenation, maybe by telomer rejuvenation and estimulation of cell reprodution.

Each brain cells have thousand of connections with other cells. It's not just print placing cells together, unless for a very initial stage, like creating a embryo fetus.

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Episode 495 Scott Adams: Mueller, Sleepy Joe, Crazy Bernie, 3D Printed People

Scott Adams talks about in 100 years printing entire people. The conversation runs to Star Trek transporters and the movie The Prestige.

Hearts will be difficult, and maybe the stomach (considering we do some of our thinking there) but the brain is the real challenge. Considering the quantum effects that take place in the microtubreles.
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