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2017 Toyota Corolla LLE aero mods

And just like that, Johnny Cash is no more and I have a new car. The transmission took a dump; 3rd issue with the gearbox in 5 years, so took the opportunity to wash my hands of it as this time it wasn't covered under warranty and the reality was long term this is the achilles heel of the Darts.

And viola, I'm the new owner of a 2017 Toyota Corolla. New car, new machinations...First thing I note, factory .cd is .29 (Dart was .285). So in the ballpark. Second thing I note, Corolla LE Eco's .cd is .28...the only difference I can tell; trunk trailing edge spoiler. And these can be had for cheap on eBay, like $40. So I might go ahead and get it, because even if that isn't the only aero difference (it's the only external topside difference I can see and so far I haven't found any underfloor shots), it's a contributor. Though a .01 reduction from the addition of a spoiler isn't unreasonable I shouldn't think.

Tomorrow I'm having a look at hood sealing to the engine bay. There are some gaps there that some weather striping would seal. So we're already off to the races.

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