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Conveyor belting belly pan?

The subject pretty much says most of it, but here's the specifics.

I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota that is about to get a Mercedes diesel engine transplanted into it. I am looking at aero improvements, but don't want to lower the truck or add frontal area with an air dam unless necessary.

In thinking about what material would be best for a belly pan, I went through foamed PVC sheet, sheet aluminum, coroplast, and finally my brain lit upon the idea of rubber conveyor belting. It is tough, flexible, probably fairly easy to fit, and can be cut and solvent welded. And I can get it surplus.

The layout of the conveyor belt pan would likely be "as wide as possible" from the front bumper to the back of the cab, and between the frame rails the rest of the way back.

The belting wouldn't be the only element in the pan; I have a couple large sheets of aluminum for places that need to remain stiff all the time.

Anyone see any problems with this idea?

Thread TL;DR - even 1/4" conveyor belting is too darn heavy to hang off the bottom of the truck. The naysayers are correct.

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