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Originally Posted by hat_man View Post
Hello everyone,

I am wondering of an Android tablet or a Kindle could be used as the music source in a car. I know there are digital radios out there that you can Bluetooth your phone to, but that's not what I really want. If I need directions when I am driving I use my phone, so having "on-board" navigation in the dash is redundant. If I want music, I don't want commercials. I don't need to know what the local schools are doing or who the local police picked up or any more depressing political news. Having a service like XM or Sirius is fine but I don't need to have 100+ channels available and only listen to less than 10% of them.

With a tablet set up run through some form of amplification to drive my standard speakers, I can load and unload any music I want at any time and for free. The installation wouldn't be "free" with the time involved and materials, but basically free if it's DIY. Even outdated tablets should have enough memory to load hundreds of songs.

Has anyone done this?
You could consider getting a LTE tablet and hooking up by bluetooth, then you get the added benefit of having internet access on a tablet anywhere you want to go (assuming cell service is good, which these days means pretty much anywhere other than the depths of the rockies.)
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