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I was hoping to not have to do the Bluetooth thing. My truck is old and the head unit is an AM/FM. That's it. No cassette, no CD, no aux input. No way to pair the phone to it, no steering wheel controls. Phone is mounted in a holder that puts it in front of the temperature control. Easily reachable and solid enough to work the touch screen. Talk to text and one swipe to answer calls. And before anyone gets mad because poking at the phone takes my eyes from the road, it's no different than adjusting the radio or temperature controls or blower speed or messing around with the navigation system. No worse than looking at the scenery or street signs or the rear view mirror. How many people turn to their passenger when they talk to them? I defy anyone to tell me they keep an eye on the road absolutely 100% of the time and never look anywhere other than the lane in front of them. I've been driving a stick shift for nearly 20 years so driving one handed is kind of the norm. OK......rant over.

I figured with a tablet I could change music when I wanted and not have to pay for a service like Sirius. Using mobile internet runs into a larger service plan. Over the course of a year it could run an extra $300. And that's every year. A tablet and some miscellaneous electronics is probably much cheaper. The devices won't be talking over each other if I turn off or pause the music when I need navigation or the phone.

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