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CNG Civic

Hi everyone!
I have perused this site for years and today I thought I would join (whynot?).
Also, I am an amateur endurance racer, so aero and fuel efficiency is a big
deal over 14+ hours of racing, so that has brought me here many times.

I live in Trussville, AL and we have the cheapest Compressed Natural Gas that I can find in the US.
My father and I are huge proponents of CNG fuel and I thought I would share a story and get some feedback.
We have 2 CNG Civic GX's, a dedicated CNG F-150 and a BiFuel Gas/CNG F-250.
My thinking of Ecomodding is all about the bottom line, aka $/mile.

Here is a story for you:
Yesterday for work I had to travel from Birmingham, AL to Sandy Springs, GA and back to Trussville, AL.
I took our Civic GX, topped it off before I left and filled it back up upon return.
Total round trip distance was 318.7 miles.
Filled it back up with 6.389 Gallons (GGE's) @ $1.459 per gallon.
Total cost was $9.32!

Now the 49.88MPG is cool, but nothing special...
What is amazing is the $/mile equaling 2.924 cents per mile!
The way I see it is with gasoline locally @ $2.40 per gallon, to get the same $/mile you would have to achieve 84MPG...

Anyway, I love the idea of having a community to discuss my enthusiasm for reducing $/mile, so thanks for letting me join this one!

Please comment and if you have any questions about CNG, endurance road racing or something a petroleum contractor can answer, give me a shout.

Thanks again!

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