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what every student..................

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Keep in mind also that the Hagens lecture I linked was just an off the cuff local Earth day presentation he threw together not even intending it to be any kind of Magnum Opus. Not a rehearsed and produced Tedx. And seeks to condense an 80 hour, 1,200 page class into 1 hour. Maybe it is just much easier for me to understand what he is getting at since I have taken the whole class?
There is a more thorough short video series available now which he just finished and that all incoming freshmen to the Honors College at U of Minnesota are required to view. The production is still slap dash but the information is excellent as usual. Again, he speaks deliberately when narrating so the videos can be watched at 1.5 speed to save time. Watch each group in order. 1, 2, 3. The last few in #3 I find very insightful.
There is no one else that I have ever read that has put together such a complete understanding. And I have read a lot.
I hung in there for about six of the videos.Much was in the 2017 Earth Day video.
Without a table of contents,or index,it's impossible to navigate through the redundant information to get to novel material.
I appreciate what he's done,but I can't take the time to get to the finish.
Thanks for the link.
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