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cell-you-lose to cell-you-win?

On page 24,of the September,2018,Motor Trend Magazine,Frank Markus offered up the article:'Wood-Be Weight Savior,The next big light/strong material grows on trees.'
*Liangbing Hu et al.,of the University of Michigan,have developed 'densified wood',which quadruples tensile strength,makes it tougher,10X stiffer,30X less scratch-resistant,and can accept a class-A painted finish,a product which is stronger than steel,aluminum,and titanium/aluminum/vanadium alloy,and weather resistant.
*Wood is processed in a chemical-double-boil,and hot-pressed.
*It's 1/6th the weight of steel.
*It's cheaper than carbon fiber,although not as fast in cycle time.
*It has some geometrical limitations.
*It can be used for both structures and exterior panels.
*It can be bolted,riveted,or bonded.
*Infused with methyl methacrylate,it produces 'transparent' wood,which is stronger and a better insulator than glass.
*It can also become paper,photonic paper (battery applications).
The implications are interesting,considering the energy and carbon footprint associated with glass and metals prospecting,extraction,processing,transportation,s melting,manufacturing,and fabrication.
*Mighty Earth reports that in 2018,the US steel industry used 24,500-GW/h of electricity.
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