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1st quarter results:
  • Tesla sold 63,000 vehicles
  • They lost $702 million
  • Tesla had to use cash to pay the $920 million bonds due in March because the stock price was too low.
  • Tesla expects to lose money in the 2nd quarter
  • Tesla has $2.2 billion cash on hand
  • Musk says it is time to raise capital (borrow even more money)
  • Tesla will create their own insurance company

Those are the headlines, I'll have to dig deeper into the details.

  • Semi is delayed until 2020. Batteries and motors to be built in Nevada. No comment on final assembly location.
  • Tesla might build the Model Y in Fremont or Nevada - the decision will be made in a few weeks. This is a big deal because it means they haven't started building the assembly line yet.

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