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Problems in Towing come with maintaining straight-line stability. Overly forward COG contributes.

Too Fast for Conditions can happen in seconds.

Iím not qualified to say whether or not your idea will work. But Iím not comfortable when Iím passed on the road by someone with an overloaded hitch rack. When that rear axle loses traction, itís all over. Uncontrollable.

But a trailer spreads that load. Until itís out of alignment. The shorter that distance from axles the better, to some degree. Just remember that trailers do not lend stability.

As before I donít quite think the time & effort will pay. A trailer? Great.

Changing combined vehicle dynamics? Maybe not great.

Low MPG a regular RV owner complaint. If a telescoping trailer tongue on a HI-LO could have worked, I think weíd have seen it.

A perfect storm is where all the bad pieces come together at once. On the highway, thatís life-changing. Literally no time for correction or stopping.

FE is about good predictable performance. A high, a low, and a money-in-the-bank accurate number for planning highway trips.

My pickup can do 24-mpg without end (exceptions to mountainous or non-Interstate). Safe to budget number. But thereís less friction my running 62-mph than 58-mph. An easier day on the road.

Easier = higher level of attention & awareness as the day goes on.

A trip plan is what covers the transitions. The margins. How to preserve 10ths.

As to the trailer: Iíd MUCH rather have the trailer than an overloaded tow vehicle. Easier on the vehicle & driver. But trailers too small for brakes present problems of their own. As do single versus tandem axle (tridem is awesome).

Best brakes on a trailer (mine is 35í) means a shorter stopping distance than the tow vehicle solo. The trailer brakes LEAD the tow vehicle in time & application force. Brake control is also what stops trailer snaking (oscillation; sway).

The aero can be addressed. A telescoping tongue would not be my approach past storage.


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