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real discussions

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Interesting back and forth on impending collapse from Jeremy Lent and Jem Bendell. They are both focused on climate change caused disruptions. Which might end up being enough on it's own, but barely even consider resource depletion, energy depletion, and the growth demands for function of the debt based free market. But do both briefly allude to it as below. Which I would argue are at least as pressing. It's also interesting to see how they are debating each other when they both seem to mostly accept the same basic premises. As I have experienced here.
"The primary reason for this headlong fling toward disaster is that our economic system is based on perpetual growth—on the need to consume the earth at an ever-increasing rate. Our world is dominated by transnational corporations, which now account for sixty-nine of the world’s largest hundred economies. The value of these corporations is based on investors’ expectations for their continued growth, which they are driven to achieve at any cost, including the future welfare of humanity and the living earth.

It’s a gigantic Ponzi scheme that barely gets a mention because the corporations also own the mainstream media, along with most governments. The real discussions we need about humanity’s future don’t make it to the table. Even a policy goal as ambitious as the Green New Deal—rejected by most mainstream pundits as utterly unrealistic—would still be insufficient to turn things around, because it doesn’t acknowledge the need to transition our economy away from its reliance on endless growth."
The discussions we'd need to have,are exactly the ones we've been asked not to approach,so at least here at EcoModder,we'd be at a perpetual impasse.
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