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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Reading the fine article:
"In February 2018, Denmark's Ministry of Environment and Food published its Life Cycle Assessment of grocery carrier bags, which looked at the overall embodied energy, materials and labor in different grocery bags, and also evaluated the environmental impacts of different kinds of plastic bags.

Their conclusion was that single-use, flimsy disposable plastic bags are the best option in terms of environmental and climate costs (however, the Ministry's analysis did not factor in marine life impacts of these bags, which are severe).

By far the worst performer was organic cotton, which has about 3x the environmental impact of conventional cotton (organic growing requires more land, water, and pesticides than are used when growing GMOs with synthetic pesticides). "
I recycle plastic bags that don't get reused.

So is Bitcoin speech? Asking for a friend.
If the $72-billion /year subsidiy was removed from the fossil-fuel (plastics) industry,the 'price' of plastic bags might have a different appearance,and take on a different value in the assessment.
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