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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
1 energy poverty and all around poverty, note: food will likely be included in "materials".
2 the United States already has a stabile population, unchecked illegal immigration and anchor babies is the primary thing growing the population right now.
3 redistribution of wealth.
4 redistribution of wealth.
5 millions of people killed.
6 secure government jobs.
7 centrally planned economy.
Seems to me,that the market is out there working it's magic.Coal is vanishing,natural gas is growing,renewables are coming on strong,as is storage.BEVs.Breakthroughs in PVs,batteries.Materials technology.Funny if wood replaced steel,aluminum,and titanium.No mining.No smelting.No electric furnaces.
If we stop destroying other people's countries,maybe they'll stay home and quit trying to come here.
And things we can't mention here.
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