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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I could only take 3 minutes of potholer54 myself.

S0 has a posse of 400,000 fact checkers that you are denigrating. One of them is a national award-winning high school kid.

Re: the CMEs. He has a 23-part series on mini-novas that are interpreted as asteroidal impacts in the geologic record.

Potholer54 disingenuously points to his discussion of interglacials and says (paraprhasing)"He's either talking bout the leading edge or the trailing edge but noŚ he's talking about both!" I don't have time for that.

Unfortunately I can't find a direct link to the cyclone video. You could look at it and then close the tab when it's over. Would you do that for me?

"Science requires an exacting precision with language,of which Ben lacks command." Here're the links he provided today;

They use exacting language. Journalists popularize them.
*fact-checker isn't something associated with science publication.Science journals employ graduate researchers,veteran Ph.D.s,and veteran post-doctoral experts,in the specific field of study.
*CMEs are plazma:electrons,protons,atomic nuclei.They're just charged particles.Due to latitude,longitude, Carrington 27-day rotation period,and Parker spiraling,when observed,their orientation upon intersection with Earth cannot be predicted.By anyone.
*Also,the field strength of Earth's magnetosphere is a function of latitude.It's 15% weaker at the poles.
*Asteroids are orbiting rock,leftover from the accretion disc which formed the solar system.They have nothing in common with CMEs.
*Gamma-ray burst can sterilize Earth and is a great concern,but nothing we have any control over.
*There have been 800 magnetospheric polarity reversals in the past 160,000,000 years.
*None of these events are associated with extinctions.
*None of these events are associated with cosmic ray bombardment.
*Transitioning into a polarity reversal is no guarantee that a reversal will even occur.
*Earth's geologic record has many accounts of polarity 'excursions',where the field partially reverses,then 'jumps' back to the original dipole orientation.These events cannot be predicted.By anyone.
*I've yet to see an article which attributes extra-solar system-sourced asteroids within our solar system.Parts of Mars have been blasted off and have hit Earth and the Moon.
*As to ice-ages:the language is:
----------------- glaciation
----------------- glacial
----------------- deglaciation
----------------- interglacial
----------------- interstadial
As per Potholer54's reporting,Ben Davidson has no command of the language of Glaciology.It's not a criticism,just an observation.
*If something's that important,you make the time.
*If you can link to the cyclone video I'll look at it.
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