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why they don't

Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
I was thinking the same. They could be building zero emissions vehicles while waiting out until a different battery chemistry comes along.
Audi is starting up a hydrogen project again.

What I don't get is why they don't make plugin hybrid H2 cars. The fuel cell becomes a range extender, the batteries can be much smaller than in a pure BEV. It should be way cheaper than a pure hydrogen car which needs to deliver full power on hydrogen.

Anyway, the condition under which hydrogen can become successful is when clean electricity production starts to exceed grid consumption and storage capacity on a regular basis. 'Free' electricity justifies electrolysis. But we're nowhere near that yet.
I've never seen a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle up close and personal,but it could be,that all available space in the vehicle is already taken up with the fuel cell apparatus,leaving nothing left for even a modest battery pack.
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