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Originally Posted by HondaHound View Post
That's funny you should mention public transportation in LA. It is notoriously lacking in scope. The subway is nearly useless because it never goes where you want it to (it doesn't go to ANY of the local airports), and the buses take forever to get you anywhere.

The one thing I've noticed though it that there are Priuses everywhere you look and also it seems like there is a noticeable drop in traffic in general (after the prices of gas went through the roof).

VW busses are really popular. I have a friend who has had a number of them. They are perfect for camping. I think that's why they're so popluar.

I've noticed the same thing myself. The bus system is great to hit tourist spots, but useless for anything else. The light rail is joke, a toy compared to the BART system in the Bay Area.

Traffic has dropped during non peak hours. It still pretty bad in the morning and early evening but its much much bearable that what it was in the past.

Priuses and HCH are pretty plentiful. I've also seen several smart cars and those little green gulf cart things running around. Most parking facilities I've seen have a couple of spots reserved as charging stations.
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