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Why a dishwasher...

It does save time and money. It is amazingly efficient.
We usually run it once every 2 days; the old one took 20-30 liters of water and 2 kWh or so for that.
The new one takes only 16 liters and 1.5 kWh in its most wasteful program - but it measures dirt and will shorten water and power use if possible.
It has a heat pump to heat up the new batch of clean water with the outgoing dirty water. It does not appear hot, nor does the outflow, but the machine definitely is hot inside when ready.
It is going to save money and water, I'll check the bills to see if it does indeed drop.

We had to do the washing by hand for a couple of days; that's 6 times instead of 1. My wife uses lukewarm water as not to burn her hands, but it doesn't get properly clean. She insists on using the highest temperature when using the machine, go figure.
When I do the washing-up I get it as hot as possible and just try not to burn my hands. But even then it cools off quite fast, I sometimes need a refill for the evening batch.

Then there are the odd jobs like thoroughly cleaning the kitchen hood filters, grills, deep fryer etc. that are basically too large or clumsy to clean in the sink.

The machine is relatively silent too. Can't hear it over the kitchen hood. But it projects a blue spot on the floor when it runs.

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