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That was my thought. vBulletin maintains a[n [prolly] SQL] database. I wonder what kind of defenses it has. The necessary data could be exfiltrated, sliced and diced and then reported back.

No need to nuke my account. I've been feeding it BS about social anarchism for so long to feed truth to power. I don't touch social media but they touch me with their shadow profiles. Que bono?

Google holds up a mirror to me at the bottom of every thread page. No illusions here.

That said, I'm half-way through #480 THE CONSERVATIVE DEPLATFORMING PURGE! | Dan Crenshaw Guests | Louder with Crowder. The writing is excellent, especially the Mug Club pitch they open with.

They have this character (prolly the Half-Asian lawyer*) that emerges from the shadows next to a gaming console to gloat over how his plan is going as they talk about it. I picture it that way.

*Who won a settlement for Jeremy of The Quartering recently.
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