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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
That's why EcoModder has no mobile option! Encouraging quality participation.

(That's the story I'm going to be telling from now on, anyway.)

Okay I like really ****ing hate cell phones. And I'm one of them damn Millennials who everyone likes to complain about.

Cell phones are too small to see easily and they hurt my hands when I hold them and they just encourage the user to swipe and click constantly and they make you feel bad.

I work in ecommerce, I basically run our website, and like we HAVE to have a mobile option because that's the way **** works these days, but it's really hard to make things function properly on someone's tiny iPoop screen. And you can't really give the user all the information they need, or like if you do they just scroll past it. People buying our products often times need to read the damn product descriptions to understand the benefits//limitations of what they're getting but it's too easy to scroll by or just consciously decide not to read it because it's tiny and hard on your eyes on a phone. You're just not setting yourself up for success if you're trying to read the pocket version of the internet.
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