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How many of you have added insulation to your car?

I thought that I had read discussions here. Do I want sound or heat insulation.


I have seen a number of posts in different places about how much quieter [sound] insulation can make a car and how much they enjoy it. When I took my Accord to different body shops one suggested dropping the headliner and pushing out the dents.

Presumably with a mallet. I think that I prefer the headliner when I use my fist, but I still would not recommend that.

[types with one hand in an ice bucket]

I watched a video and it looked like I could drop the head liner in about five minutes and it looks pretty simple to install sound deadener on the ceiling. Here is the stuff that Shouty recommends:

Thirty-six square feet for $66 and I can finally cut down on all of that road noise at 55 MPH!

So, have any of you insulated cars? Do you prefer thermal insulation?

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