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So the Ecomodder posse assembled for the Open House. I tried to recharge my camera the night before and it died, so no pictures from me.

What did we learn?
  • Names of the Head of R&D and of Production.
  • It's not a roll cage it's an [airquote]upper frame]/airquote]. In anticipation of when somebody rolls one and lawyers up.
  • The battery-box/backbone is steel now instead of aluminum.
  • Half-doors are because if it looks like a door, people expect a door.
  • Drag was measured at something like 0.68Cd, but the half-doors brought it down to 0.30. Boat tailing made little difference.

They're having more success with doors, than with a trailer hitch. Prolly because of demand.

I suggested to Mark F. the trick double folding rear seat with an inflatable 8ft long carrot-shape that I could slide in through the back and strap to the back of the driver seat. It would provide a boat tail and reduce buffeting for the driver, or fold up into the pouch on the back of the seat. He seemed to like the idea.
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