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So the Ecomodder posse assembled for the Open House. I tried to recharge my camera the night before and it died, so no pictures from me.

What did we learn?
  • Names of the Head of R&D and of Production.
  • It's not a roll cage it's an [airquote]upper frame]/airquote]. In anticipation of when somebody rolls one and lawyers up.
  • The battery-box/backbone is steel now instead of aluminum.
  • Half-doors are because if it looks like a door, people expect a door.
  • Drag was measured at something like 0.68Cd, but the half-doors brought it down to 0.30. Boat tailing made little difference.

They're having more success with doors, than with a trailer hitch. Prolly because of demand.

I suggested to Mark F. the trick double folding rear seat with an inflatable 8ft long carrot-shape that I could slide in through the back and strap to the back of the driver seat. It would provide a boat tail and reduce buffeting for the driver, or fold up into the pouch on the back of the seat. He seemed to like the idea.
Joe Rogan and Elon Musk agree: Aspire to be less wrong.

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