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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
So the state gave them $4000 up front and they complain they might have to pay it back over a 4 year period. That's longer than the average owner keeps a car and these cars aren't being bought by the poor. But I suppose a 3 ton car that can do 0-60 in under 4 seconds isn't doing any damage to the roads.

$1000 per year is the equivalent of using 1936 gallons of fuel in a regular car. (1000 EV reg - $149 gas reg) / $0.44 per gallon

Driving 15,000 miles a year you would have to average 7.75 mpg to spend that much in the gas taxes.

So yes, it is WAY out of wack.

Actually a 3 ton car does very little damage to the roads. The vast majority of damage is done by commercial vehicles weighing tens of thousands of pounds. However everyone should pay because everyone takes up space on the roads. EVs should get a free ride.

Oregon and bunch of other states are trialing a fee per mile program. You pay $0.017 per mile. I've been part of the trial for 2 years and it works well.
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