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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
  1. See my math: $1000 EV registration - $149 ICE registration = $851 more for the EV
  2. Illinois has a 6.25% sales tax on gas. What is the tax on electricity?
  3. Where are you getting the $4,000 from. I don't see any Illinois EV tax credit.
2. they have a 6.25% sales tax AND a straight number gas tax they are proposing to be $.44/gal with this new law.

3. From the article, "For Skarlatos, a self-employed software developer who bought her Tesla using $7,500 in federal incentives and $4,000 in state incentives, the idea of suddenly having to pay a $1,000 registration fee to own an electric vehicle in Illinois is “unfair,” and would have dissuaded her from an environmentally motivated purchase. The $11,500 in incentives, she said, persuaded her to take the plunge."
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