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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Electricity tax is not used for road infrastructure, so it should be ignored.
The general IL 6.25% sales tax doesn’t go to the road fund either. If we are going to ignore one we should ignore both.

States like to complain about lost road fund revenue from electric cars but they also ignore the extra gas taxes they collect for off-road use. All those lawn mowers, generators, pressure washers, boats etc.

Also if States are going to go after EVs then they might as well go after other alternative fuels too. I would bet there are more natural gas and propane powered vehicles on the road today than EVs and they are mostly heavy duty trucks that do the bulk of the road damage. Are we going to surcharge them as well?

Or just maybe we should stop trying to raise taxes indirectly and just tax people directly for using the roads.

Registration fees should cover the cost of processing the registration paperwork- that’s it. If lawmakers want more money they should just be direct about it and raise income or sales taxes instead of nickel and dimeing use with fees unrelated to what the money will be used for.
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