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Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
Red -

I like to call your westside location the "MPG blackhole of LA". I go there once a week and take an MPG hit. You're Insight and any hybird should be happy as a clam in that area.

I don't have the exact ranking, but the 405/10 and 405/101 interchanges are in the top 5 traffic interchanges for volume. That makes the 405/Sepulveda Pass one of the biggest freeway bottlenecks in the country.

The charging stations are leftovers from the zero-pollution mandate that's gone by the wayside.

But, like you said, the key is driving non-peak.

PS - If you're a yogurt fiend, then the Bigg Chill at Westwood and Olympic is the place to go (South-East corner).

Funny that when I first moved down here I called this place the same thing; a black hole

405 to anything is horrible. I feel sorry for anyone having to commute either down from Sherman Oaks to UCLA or up from around LAX. You just want to kill yourself in that commute.

eh, the Insight sucks in city driving. Without an EV mode its gas mileage is terrible for it. Around the low 30s. The best FE I've found now is to just walk. Its slow, but it sure beats clutching in traffic when I just need to go a mile or two.

I think I saw that place that last time I wandered by, I'll check em out next time I'm there.
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