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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
2030 is clearly labeled with the big black circle and vertical line which is forecast to be the peak population. We may end up doing 20-30 years better than that due to the unknowable technology we are using. But the down slopes will look similar. If not steeper on the back side the longer the end of growth is kicked down the road.
I was mostly speaking in reference to the Exon graph, which contained no timeline at all, yet it's assumed the x-axis represented time.

Your graph confused me since it shows everything in decline prior to 2030 (though it doesn't show how much prior). We're a decade out with little/no decline yet.

I thought population predictions generally has us peaking in 100 years? I've assumed it will happen towards the end of my lifetime, or about 2065. I'm guessing VR porn, decreasing religious fundamentalism, and general hassle of raising children will be the driving force behind a dwindling population, along with the already known factors such as women entering the workforce, and access to contraception.
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