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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I don't really see a connection between progressive and "fair".

If anything "fair" would fall between the continuum of progressive and regressive. At the extremes, a progressive plan would have the wealthiest paying all taxes, with the poorest paying nothing, or even getting money back. Regressive would be opposite, with the poorest paying all the taxes, and the wealthiest paying nothing.

Somewhere between those extremes "fair" would be found.
Progressive = the more you make the greater the percentage of your income you pay in taxes.
Regressive = the more you make the lower the percentage of your income you pay in taxes.

The USA we tend to have more of a bell curve. It starts off with negative tax rates, steadily increases, and then tax rates start tapering off. That is how we end up with Warren Buffett paying a 17% tax rate while his staff pays 36%
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