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If I joined the Army right out of high school and only promoted fast enough to avoid being maxed out at my pay grade, I could have been a Sergeant First-Class two years ago earning $4,566.60 a month or $54,799.20 annually, and I could have retired with half of that, or $27,399.60.

That is about what I earned last year.

If, for some reason, I stayed in for forty years, I would need to reach the rank of Sergeant Major to continue receiving raises. A Sergeant Major with forty years of service would make $8,241.82 a month, $98,901.84 annually, and would retire with 100% of that.

Fifty-eight years old and making almost $100,000 a year in retirement, plus you would have forty years of free room and board.

One of my exes said that if you just showed up to KFC every day, on-time, and did your job, after six months they would make you shift leader, with a small raise. Let's say that you start when you are sixteen, in theory, when you graduate, you could be a manager.

Switching to McDonald's just because they are supposed to have great management training, says a manager makes about $13 an hour.


You can graduate from high school, get fingerprinted, take CPR, First Aid, a few other courses, and my agency would pay you $14 hourly to help kids read good and stuff.

Good luck getting forty hours a week, though.

It seems like there are far better options for making at least $13 an hour, but I am sure that once you get above Store Manager the pay gets better and better. If nothing else, you can take your management experience and go elsewhere.

I do not have any leadership experience.
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