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Post office starts at $15.75, will give you more than 40 hours, and after about 20 years you should max out at about $30 without leaving a craft and going to management. My brother does even better than that (I think about $43) as an electronics technician fixing sorting machines, a job he got with his navy training and taking a postal exam, no traditional college. His job has less overtime available, my job has potential most years for $15-20k more in OT although sometimes even $30-40k in OT is possible depending on how many other people in your station want it. Good benefits and retirement after a few years as well. There are usually openings all over, all the time. Just always go directly to and look at career opportunities as there are a ton of scam companies out there that make themselves out as the way to get in the door. Everything should be free and direct from USPS itself. FedEx Express drivers make even more, and UPS drivers the most.
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