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I thought about picking something else up. I gave myself $1000 for my cars maint and green efforts around the house (starting solar next year, can't this year). I picked this car up around three years ago for $1300 bucks. Not a spot of rust on it and pretty clean in and out. I put 20K or more on a year, so am going to hold onto it since I know its quirks and work on improving where I can.
I ordered the scan guage this morning and will start logging data as soon as I get it plugged in. After I establish a baseline at 65 mph, 60 mph and 55 mph for a weeks straight driving. I'm going to start with plugs, wires, air filter. After that maybe pull wipers, close up the front and wheels. After each tune up\mod I'm going to give it a week to look at my results. Its going to take a while to do all of it, but I'm a data nerd. And my girlfriend flat out told me I could never get above 28 mpg's. So now I've been challenged and am going to give her a friggin book of data to back everything up that I claim. I'll scan it and convert it to a pdf and put it up here if anyone is interested as well.

One thing that does bug me about the car is that I'm driving along at say 60 on the highway. That's 2250 on the tach. If I pop it in to neutral my RPM's stay up around 1500-1700. They don't drop.
Any ideas?
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